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How To Catch Cheating Wives

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Think you have a cheating wife? You have come to the right place. Obviously if you have landed here you have suspicions that there is some level of infidelity with your wife or girlfriend.  This site is not about reconciliation or a shoulder to cry on.  For that you can watch Dr Phil. This site is about offering you the best tips, advice and products to ascertain if you have a possible adulterous wife or spouse.  On this site I will recommend steps to take to determine if you have a cheating situation. The following information and recommendations are my opinions. It’s not written in stone and sometimes may even be violating a persons rights and possibly bending the law a bit. Though the information is written about how to catch a cheating wife. The information is applicable to either spouse or significant other.  Obviously use of any of the information or  suggested products on this site are to be used at your own discretion and should be used within the limits of the law as applicable…..Have Questions?

Click here or Check out the bottom of this page for our  “What do I do now? Question & Answer section.

1st things 1st. Is she a Cheating Wife? Check out the top 12 signs

The first thing every guy wants to do upon finding out that his wife may be cheating is to is to fly off the handle and confront her!  First you experience disbelief,then your feelings are hurt, then you get angry and want to confront her. But wait. I’m of the opinion that you should always get your facts first and act second. Without facts you are just blowing smoke, putting her on notice that you suspect and absolutely will be blowing your chances in  proving or making a case about the possible infidelity. There is no reason to give her notice of your suspicions that will allow her to cover her tracks.  Proof is validation and knowledge is power, you will hear me say this over and over.  So lets get some proof.  Here’s my Checklist:

What should you do 1st?

Check her cell phone. Yep that’s the probably the number one way to see whats going on in her life. Most women feel that their cell phone is private and personal an that since its in their possession and in their hand probably 90% of the time. They feel they have control. The reality is most women do not know how to use their phone all that well beyond texting and talking and taking pictures. What they forget to to do is to delete pictures, their history of called numbers and their most recent calls. They will also add names into their phone book of those they talk to most often.  So the 1st thing you have to do is get hold of her cell phone while she is sleeping or in the bath. There are times that she is not using it.  If she has a phone you are not familiar with it, than Google the name, make and model number  and get the users manual online. Learn how to do it before you access it.  You have to get into her phone  and check the following:

Check her Phone Log History: Check for frequently called numbers and write them down. It is very unlikely that she has deleted that call or text  somewhere in her history list. Its probably there, just keep looking. the longer a affair has been going on. the more lazy and complacent that person becomes.  Most frequently called numbers will have the name of the person right from her phone book. If you know that number and person move on. You are looking for numbers without a name that is called very frequently. Note them. You are also looking for a number with a unfamiliar name or initials or something that means something to her , but means nothing to you. ie: JS could mean ” John Smith” Once you get that list of unfamiliar numbers you can Google them and try and see if they bring a business number and  location or person. If that doesn’t work you  can run it thru myreverse number and personal information look up service for a small fee. If you think that government records may hold the information you are looking for then click here, and check this site. Don’t forget to check thru her pictures on the removable flash card or the internal memory. Remember to check both! If you can remove the card, you may want to copy it onto your password protected phone or laptop. You are gathering evidence.

Check her laptop or Computer: Again thru the wonderful power of technology. Her computer has a history of last viewed pages in her cache. It is so unlikely that she knows how to clear it. So it is likely when you go up to her browser you will be able to hit the little corner arrow and view many of the sites she has visited lately.  What are you looking for? Dating sites, erotic stores, restaurants or bars that you and her do not frequent. Google/yahoo maps of areas that are outside your area then you don’t normally go to.  By the way, I’m not saying that your wife or girlfriend is not smart. She may very well know how to do everything I’m describing here or even smart enough to read this and now apply it to her situation. But many times she will get lazy and slip up. Then one of these things that you are looking for will pop up. That brings us to another technology of tracking her movements.

Use Tracking software for her Phone,Laptop/PC/MAC and CAR etc: Did you know you can track anyone of these items without her even knowing it? Its pretty obvious why you would want or need to do this.  So lets take each item one at a time.

Telephone tracking software: This allows you to track her cell phones whereabouts.  So wherever she is and if she has her phone turned on,you can track where she is in real time. Yep this is software is useful for a variety of reasons for tracking your wife, girlfriend, teenage kids etc.  Its amazing.  This will allow you to play it cool when she leaves , knowing full well you will be able to track her location. Then if necessary get out there an photograph her whereabouts.  But more on photo surveillance equipment later.  Check out the Demo on how Mobile Spy cellphone tracking software actually works.

Computer/Laptop Key logger software: This software allows you to track all her activity on her computer (as long as you know her password to get in her computer,if you don’t that’s OK keep reading.) So if she IS smart enough to clear her cookies and cache everyday. By installing this program you will be able to access a log that will record all her keystrokes and will allow you to get all passwords to secret emails, dating sites etc that will allow you to see her most recent activity. This software again is useful for anyone that want to see what sites are being visited that may be deemed inappropriate.  Click here to check out how this Keylogger software works. I recently came upon a new computer monitoring software that you can INSTALL REMOTELY, so if you don’t have access to her computer check out this new product: RealTime-Spy. Amazing.

Car Tracker. This software could be your main software or your back up software tracking tool if she is smart enough to thwart any or all  of the other methods above that you may be using. If she just doesn’t take her cell phone with her or she is smart enough to erase all her history on her computer and phone.  If she has a car and is taking it out of town, to a hotel or to another place unfamiliar you this may be the answer. This tracking device can be hidden in the car and the location recovered by satellite via your computer.  Its incredible software. I’ve seen it work.  You can check the GPS Car Tracker device out by clicking here.

Photo surveillance: So if any of the above remote surveillance devices are working for you. You may be ready to play detective.  Hopefully you will not have to go this far in your investigation. But if you do you are going to have to set yourself up with a telephoto camera. You may be able to use a good digital camera with a 10x zoom for closer shots. These are cheap and you can get them at Amazon.  But to get a real good shot from far away you are going to have to get a good digital camera with at least a zoom that goes from 18mm to 200mm.  I’m affiliated with a excellent spy shop that you can obtain many of the items that I describe on this site. Telephoto Binoculars are another excellent device you can use. They are often used for sporting events and are made to have a wide field of view and to be used when your in the nosebleed section of a large stadium. They are also used by  birdwatchers.  They have a amazing range and you can record images and write to a small disk that you can then  download to your computer etc.  You can check out these items  at amazon and at my spyshop store.

Dating Sites: Another place that she may be  meeting guys (or girls) is on  some of the more popular dating sites that are geared to cheating wives, illicit flings.  You never know if she is on any  of these sites and if she really had the audacity to post her picture. But it wont be the 1st time Ive heard of guys hearing that someone has seen their wife online. So I don’t know how far you want to go. But you can often join these sites for free on a trial basis. If you have to join them for a month to get further privileges to see photos and more details it may be worth it. But that’s up to you. There are a lot of “cheating” dating sites out there. Many of them are scam sites that are just out to take your money and have escorts and prostitutes,boys posing as girls and are just an extension of the street corner. But there are some that have a lot of legitimate cheating wives and girlfriends. I’m not saying that your wife isn’t on Jdate or or e-harmony or any of the other legitimate singles dating sites.  It’s  probably not likely as these sites are really for the legitimate single looking for someone real , not a fling or a married spouse. There are many other sites , but I have a small  list below of some of the more focused “cheating  or promiscuous type ” sites that you may want to check to see if she has posted here self on them, sign-up is usually free so it should not cost you anything to search. -Probably the most popular and geared specifically for cheating spouses. – This is another site targeting the cheating wife. This one is for for anyone, but seems to attract” no strings attached” singles and married spouses. -This seems to cater to both promiscuous singles, cheating wives and spouses.

Spice or Nice -Another site that mostly attracts players and cheaters, those that are only looking to hook-up.

Surveillance in the Home. Do you suspect that that your cheating wife is bringing her affairs into your home? No one wants to think that , but if you live in a large complex of condos or apartments or in a remote secluded house, the possibly is always there. If you have found strange odors when you got home, a drawer or or closet ajar, your bathroom toiletries not quite how you left them, missing  shirts, underwear clothes etc. Maybe the sheets seems to be changed more frequently than usual or the soap that was there in the shower this morning has been changed out or your shampoo is going faster than it did a month before.  You never know what oddity may tip you off. But if there is infidelity in the air and it seems like its in your home, it may unfortunately be right under your nose. These all could be signs that something  is going on at home while you are out working hard.  Fortunately surveillance at your home may be the easiest of all things to set up.  There has been so many devices designed for home security to deter and catch burglars that all this great technology can also be used to catch a cheating wife or spouse.   1st thing you need to figure out is where in the house do you think is the best place to set up surveillance.  My top 3 Suggestions are below.  See which ones may be the most applicable to your situation:

Where would I set the cameras up to catch my cheating wife?

Kitchen- The kitchen is always a central location, no matter what someone is going thru the kitchen, the easiest surveillance device to set up is a Smoke detector  or clock radio with a built-in hidden camera in it.  You can obtain these and many other useful products thru my spyshop store.

Bedroom or spare room- Anywhere you think that she may hang out. She may avoid the master  bedroom for obvious and guilt reasons. But something going on somewhere. You can’t put a smoke detector camera in the bathroom. But you can possibly put a Clock radio camera either inside the bathroom on the counter or just outside the bathroom on a console or bedside table.

Adjoining hall or back or front door foyer- This is a good place for a smoke detector camera.

You can also upgrade your security system or even install a new one.  Then you would have the excuse to install nanny cams , outside cams and many of the other various detection and surveillance devices available  in your home.

Audio Listening devices aka:BUGS- Do you want to try recording devices instead of  or in addition to the cameras.  These little devices are unbelievably tiny and pretty reliable. They best thing is they need minimal set-up and can be placed ANYWHERE. They can be stuck under tables, and hard chairs, inside phones and under lamp shades. You can put them behind the bedpost and behind the toilet.  Some are really tiny and have long wires to receivers that can be plugged into recorders. There are also self contained battery operated bugs. These have a battery life of only 4 or 5 hrs.  But with the proper planing can be very effective. You can see many of these products at my Spyshop store.

So now that I got the proof on my cheating wife. What do I do with it?

Good question. I guess it depends on what you found. If its minor and you have the proof and you think she will stop when confronted. Go talk to her. Try and work it. Because anything short of reconciliation is going to costly monetarily as well as emotionally. If their children involved. It is only going to be harder and even more costly. So work it out.  If you are not sure which road to take then now may be the  time to seek legal council before you do anything to ascertain what the fall out will be.  If the confrontation turns ugly and a divorce is threatened this can be come extremely uncomfortable and costly. If you are not prepared for it. This kind of distress can cost you your Job. Obviously you can seek local counseling thru a marriage councilor or seek legal advice from a divorce attorney if what you have uncovered is serious and a settlement is unlikely to reached.

But the key here is preparation. You need to prepare your self for whatever situation may follow after you finally confront her with the facts of her infidelity.  “Being prepared” goes hand in hand with “knowledge is power”.  If the confrontation ends up in anything but reconciliation. Then your world is going to change. Being prepared  before this happens will be the best way to keep a straight and cool head for the sake of your Job, friends and any children that may be involved. Remaining as stable as possible will be key in seeing you thru this unfortunate situation.

Listed thru out this site are books, software and ads of companies  or products that I recommend.  These will prove very useful when you are looking for specific products or services to handle your situation.  If you have questions about these companies. Please email them direct. We have tried to present the most relevant advice,services  and product suggestions that could help you handle your situation. We are always on the look out for new products to review and recommend to our readers. If you have comments, questions, suggestions or products that your feel our readers should know about. Please  email us thru the how to catch cheating contact page.

Get your proof. Get the facts.Present your case. Move on. Knowledge is power.  Don’t forget it.

Don’t let your cheating wife ruin your life.

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Don’t let your cheating wife ruin your life.

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