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Charles asks…

Are there any other websites like Spokeo?

I would like to remove myself from them all, thanks in advance for your help!


The other one is ZabaSearch. Remember that Spokeo and ZabaSearch are not completely accurate, not even if you pay for the search.
This is straight from the privacy policy of Spokeo
“You can also remove your Spokeo listing from public searches for free. Please note that removing your Spokeo listing from public searches does not remove your information from the third-party data sources. Your information will still be shown on other people search sites, and you will need to contact those third-party sites one-by-one, or use ReputationDefender to protect your online identity”.

Sharon asks…

How do I get personal info off

I just searched for myself and family members on spokeo,com and found that it has our home addresses and other personal info.
How can I get this info off?


Send them an email and ask that your info be removed. The only problem now is your info is probably on many other sites as well.

Nancy asks…

How do I delete my info from

Spokeo is website that give false infomation about people.
I am humilated because of the false info on me getting everything wrong from the money I make, my gender, my age, relationship status, etc..all wrong..please help?


Even if you actually get them to delete the false information, it will just appear again later. Everyone knows Spokeo is a fraud, so the best advice I can give is to forget about it and move on.

Betty asks…

where to find a search engine similar to spokeo WITHOUT having to use credit card?


Well, all of the information that websites like Spokeo have is aggregated from freely available sites on the Internet, so technically the Internet is the free search engine you’re talking about. Although Spokeo isn’t really designed to help you find people. It’s designed to scare people into purchasing a reputation defender product.

Ken asks…

Where does Spokeo get there info?

I did my name and my husbands and it says our income is like 3 times what it is!


I did that too! And ours was $85K LMAO…yeah right. It didnt’ have my right address. ?? Don’t know where they get their crap. It ain’t right, though. For me anyway.

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