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Dating Sites: Another place that she may be  meeting guys (or girls) is on  some of the more popular dating sites that are geared to cheating wives, illicit flings.  You never know if she is on any of these sites and if she really had the audacity to post her picture. But it wont be the 1st time Ive heard of guys hearing that someone has seen their wife online. So I don’t know how far you want to go. But you can often join these sites for free on a trial basis. If you have to join them for a month to get further privileges to see photos and more details it may be worth it. But that’s up to you. There are a lot of “cheating” dating sites out there. Many of them are scam sites that are just out to take your money and have escorts and prostitutes,boys posing as girls and are just an extension of the street corner. But there are some that have a lot of legitimate cheating wives and girlfriends. I’m not saying that your wife isn’t cruising around on  Jdate or or e-harmony or any of the other legitimate singles dating sites.  It’s  probably not likely as these sites are really for the legitimate single looking for someone real , not a fling or a married spouse.

There are many hookup sites.  I have compiled a  small  list of  casual dating sites below, including their popular  recognizable banner ads. These are  some of the more focused “cheating  or promiscuous type ” sites that you may want to check out to see if  your cheating wife or girlfriend has posted  a picture or a profile of herself on them.   Sign-up is usually free so it should not cost  you anything to search.

   Probably the most popular and geared specifically for cheating spouses,f*ckbuddies etc.. one is for for anyone, but seems to attract” no stings attached” singles,F*ckbuddies,and married spouses.

Be naughty dating site seems to cater to both promiscuous singles, cheating wives and spouses.

Spice or Nice-Another site that mostly attracts players and cheaters, those that are only looking to hook-up.

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